Non-Contemplative Meditation before bed

Connecting Nighttime Sleep and Meditation

I am not going to apologize for the tone of this piece. I mean every word in all earnestness and intensity.

If you practice the Non-Contemplative Meditation I teach and do not include the exercise right before going to sleep at night, then you are making a mistake. It doesn’t work if you do not follow the directions exactly as I explain them.

I’ve put them together precisely as they are for very good reasons. It does not matter if you believe you know better. It doesn’t matter what you’ve been taught in the past by eastern philosophy pundits, yoga instructors, or what you have read on the internet. 

Non-Contemplative Meditation is unique . . . and nothing like any of those. The directions I give provide the minimum amount of practice necessary, and are in the exact, correct measure. 

Here, more is not better and less is not enough. I explain why this is so in my books and blogs. The reasons are highly metaphysical.

I have been practicing this since I was a little boy, for nearly 60 years . . . dutifully for the last 40, as well as vocationally teaching it to others over the last 20 years. I’ve worked with thousands of men and women all over the world whose lives have been changed. 

I know what I am talking about, experientially as well as intuitively. I’ve even made many of the mistakes myself over the decades and now, though healed, I bear the scars of those as well.

Non-Contemplative Meditation is not related to Eastern philosophy or some form of non-dualism that’s commonly found today. It is a seriously powerful, ultra-simple spiritual apparatus, Judeo-Christian in nature, not to be experimented with or abused just to feel better. 

It’s primary goal isn’t to help you relax, acquire bliss, or to attain happiness. It is a powerful metaphysical engagement with your Creator. It allows you to discover where and how to find God, putting first His Kingdom within. Then all else is added. 

You change. And so does your life.

One vital element in this form of mediation is when to practice it. Right before you sleep is crucial. There are enormously spiritual and metaphysical ramifications as to why this is so, and I shall address some of them publicly in future writings. But you must appreciate the importance of sleep. 

Because not only is the way you sleep a vital human element in physical reparation . . . it is also spiritual. You must sleep properly, consciously. The pre-sleep meditation establishes that for you. If not practiced at bedtime there is no benefit. In fact, there is a deficit.

If only practiced in the AM, you will only awaken part-time, eventually becoming wedged between two worlds. This is an extremely painful psychic condition in which to exist for any length of time.

If you do not meditate before sleep and night—if you skip or skimp on the directions—you will not experience progress and in fact will likely see adverse effects. 

Please do not toy with this. If you are going to take it upon yourself to skip meditation at night, you’d feel much better giving it up altogether and just moving on with a quest for bliss and seduction, seeking escapist methods instead. There are plenty of those around. Bells, waterfalls, seductive voices, and other hypnotic means can inject artificial happiness into your mind—but you get worse, not better.

But if God-consciousness is what you want, then please go to the Pre-Talk as well as the Post-Talk to become reacquainted with how and why the directions ought to be followed as I give them. Please. 
They are short listens. When done correctly, Non-Contemplative Meditation ensures that more of our time is spent awake and aware, as we effortlessly begin to practice consciousness in all our affairs.

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