Spiritual Growth is Quite Becoming

It is our charge in this lifetime to not only become aware but to increasingly live from that station of consciousness as we move through our lives. This is often thought of as spiritual growth. Fair enough.

But even those who may have experienced a spiritual awakening often don’t really know what spiritual growth means. And no one is telling them.

To them, growing spiritually is the satisfaction of acquiring more spiritual knowledge, evidence and information about God, heaven, hell—even of good and evil. The more they ponder, the greater the feeling they’re developing spiritually. A scheming intellect has convinced them that the more answers to life that rattle around in their head, the closer to truth they will have come.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. The mind is under control of a Liar and this is one of Its biggest.

Often religious and self-proclaimed spiritual types openly project prosperity and happiness, together with a mantle of apparent faithfulness—even speaking of God and lofty spiritual principles. Seeing this, it can be easy for a person to wonder if they join in and do what those pious types do, would they also receive what those others seem to have?

The answer is yes.

But not so fast! The problem lies in not knowing just what it is that they really have. What you see is usually not what’s really going on. People, especially those with internal brokenness to conceal, tend to live a photoshopped life-picture. There’s a worldly veil worn to suppress a boiling-pot of emotional duress—anxietyand a conflict of conscience suppressing impatience and judgments. There’s restlessness, irritability and discontentment, as many recovered alcoholics often cite.

Unless one has first discovered how to get free of anger, to gain mastery over resentment, lose fear and get realigned with the virtuousness of native conscience, then there will remain a secret malady of spirit—physical and mental dissipations of which you do not at first know. They may not even know, but will in time, as disproportionate sufferings increase and obsessions to compensate for the pain mount.

These are the fixations with food, sex, and antidepressants like nicotine or pharmaceuticals develop, supplying temporary relief, but allowing the dark, inner condition to worsen under the cover of artificial wellness.

I know how easy it is to worship the marvels of the brain, to become enamored with the information we can hold in abeyance and rattle off in response to life’s pressures—beautifully clever narratives that seem like answers, but are really just self-prescribe remedies to treat misdiagnosed conditions.

They will fail and it will be nasty. “Bedeviling,” some might say.

Accumulated knowledge, even truthful information, is not spiritual growth, because all you do is attempt to use it, and make it work. The very act of utilization is a departure from faithfulness—neatly evading God to run the show on our own.

The thrill of the sermon, the psychic masturbation produced by choirs and “Christian” church musical acts, the impassioned preaching and glowing, flowing verbiage out of cult-books and New Age gurus are all artificial. They act as drugs in the brain, toying with major neurotransmitters like happy molecule serotonin and flooding synapses with dopamine, artificially elevating mood beyond normalcy.

Is it no wonder then that these so often become addictive endeavors?

Do you want to grow spiritually, without meddling with head chemistry, without letting ministers and phony life coaches and therapists who haven’t even discovered the solution to their own problems, let alone yours, get inside your head, messing with your propensity for genuine, lasting peace?

Here’s how to become awakened, aware:

First, humbly realize that you have spent a lifetime in an unconscious state—that you’ve gone your whole life dreaming that you’re awake . . . and that you must BECOME conscious, BECOME aware. You must experience a conversion from one state to another—from a spiritually slumbering, somnambulant exitance to consciousness. Then you will become aware of your true self, as well as the dark Self within, to which you’ve been attached.

You may cry.

Second, is to practice this becoming. This is exactly what proper meditation does. It is an exercise of transition that reconditions us to accepting Gods will and rejecting Self-will. It is the only way to improve conscious contact with God, that is the spiritual progress moving us closer to the Creator.

This is what life is—a never-ending exercise of being stressed into the world and then waking up to come out of it—to exist in the world without the world getting inside us and instead becoming separate from the world. Awake. Aware. Conscious.

We transition from being creatures of darkness to becoming children of Light. There is no other way. None. No matter how hard the intellect tries to convince us otherwise. No matter what the temptation. Non-contemplative awareness, raising consciousness is the only way—meditation the only tool.

Spiritual studies, religions, philosophies, sermons, all are distractions—each of which stimulates thinking, getting in the way of consciousness, blocking God out, sometimes even in His name—in Jesus’s name, or some other human construal of goodness.

To grow spiritually, all anyone ever need do is to sit still, becoming aware. Do that and you’ll experience a coming out of unawareness, emerging from the dark, and into the light. In that light, when you see those little speckles inside, brightness carrying the complete divine programming that you’ll ever need, in just the right measure, that you can absorb.

Then life is free, easy and peacefully productive.

The happiness seekers you see trying to acquire spirituality, morality, and wisdom by reading, hearing sermons, attending churches, following cults, ministers, and gurus, or through counseling, studying and learning are missing it.

These are egoistic undertakings,  intellectual interference that blocks out the light. They can excite and feel like progress, but each only supplies a fleeting reproduction of conscious contact with God. Mock worthiness does not supplement intuitive understanding or enlightenment. That comes automatically through awareness—a state of being that unfolds from within.

Non-Contemplative Meditation is the only way to practice the awareness necessary to live long and well within God’s vision.

Once you begin, you start to wake up. You start becoming conscious. Awareness fills your psyche and you can never go back to sleep successfully. Once awakened, the pain of conflict would be too much for any human being to bear and survive.

But having transitioned just once, you’ll be able to easily forgive, letting go of anger more, more of each moment of each day. Peace will enter and you’ll have a life that is beyond human imagination.

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