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Are You Being Hypnotized?

No one would want to admit this of themselves, but the average person is too easily influenced by others and can be made to do what they don’t want to do. The more willful they are, the easier they are to control. 

This isn’t some unique state suffered by only a few weak-minded people. Everyone who is lost inside their head is in an unconscious state, and in those moments prime for manipulation. Most of us are already in a trance, needing to wake up. 

In breaking the spell we find we can regulate our behavior and enjoy peaceful, free lives without the controlling effects of others. However, this is not possible while adrift in the recesses of our thinking brain. We must escape this bondage or else forever be subject to the wills of others.

The way out is through practicing a wakefulness called conscious awareness. It is done by an ancient practice called meditation, although probably not the type of mediation with which you are already familiar. 

Proper meditation should never be hypnotic. In fact, meditating correctly is necessarily anti-hypnotic. 

Every human being, without exception, is ‘highly suggestible’ anytime that they are intellectually entangled. Withdrawn from the present, they are instantly compelled by Something Dark in them to judge, worry, become infected with anger . . . resentment . . . and to play God. 

A spouse, an unscrupulous salesman, a corrupt politician, anyone with a sense of what to look for an individual thus disposed to manipulation, will simply mark him for the taking, then whenever they wish, swoop in for the finish.

The degree to which this is true can vary among people. Some are continuously lost in thought, subject to every influencer they encounter. There seems a never-ending parade of bullies, tyrants, and seducers—in the home, at the workplace, or even in line at the supermarket—that gets to them. These are troubled people, their agony highly counterbalanced by the comforts of bad habits and vices. Unfortunately this is also often followed up with emotionally induced mental and physical maladies. 

Just how vulnerable one is depends on how much anger has been suppressed toward those who’ve betrayed them in the past. For this reason, forgiveness—the giving up of hate—is essential to living peacefully in our lifetime. Forgive others who trespass against us, and we remain free. Resent them and remain bound to a pained conscience. 

This is a sage idea, a prayer really, given to us by Christ Himself. But an unconscious person will not understand and instead too easily misuse the words of Christ or a Buddha or Gandhi. They could find a way to misuse a bowl of bean sprouts or a baby’s smile—and oftentimes do. Highly suggestible people are psychically unprotected. They’re on their own, ready for conquest by bullies and seducers who become their gods. They are literally hypnotized by the world itself, ready to be controlled by those who know how to exploit their weakness.

Everyone takes at least a taste of this decrepit lifestyle—others, a gagging mouthful. We can thank God, that we’re all afforded the opportunity to atone and not live this way forever. Thus blessed, some of us escape, mitigating the effects of mindless daydreaming, and then perhaps even more than that. That depends on how much of the time in each day one exists in that quasi-awake, psychically slumbering condition. 

We are meant to spiritually progress as time goes on, eventually reaching perfection. That’s what spiritual growth is—moving away from Darkness and death, coming closer to Light and life, nearer to God, doing more of His will every day and less of the wills others would otherwise project into us. We know protection. 

Unless we experience this spiritual progress, we remain stuck in emotional states, subjected to the world, or hypnotized. They are one in the same. That is a Godless, rudderless life of chance and fate—not one that is consciously connected with the Creator. It’s living in the world while also of the world.

You would spent a lifetime exploiting any ‘good’ solely  for the fulfillment of Self, the same way a food addict abuses “health foods” and so never gets healthy by them but merely inebriated on the idea of nutritional values and his knowledge about them—meanwhile scarfing mountains of “keto” pudding, gallons of organic salad dressing, and handfuls of vitamin supplements. He has no idea how or why they’re good for him but has become mesmerized into purchasing them and becoming “healthy.”

Living in a conscious, spiritually awakened state takes a little practice—so that one can, “Just watch,” not because they have been hypnotized by the likes of me telling them to, but because it has become their automatic nature. They increasingly live spiritually awake. Over time they become progressively less subject to the hypnotic influence of stress. This is spiritual growth.

If you practice the Non-Contemplative Meditation I teach, and as you listen to my voice you’ll hear that I speak about watching but not struggling with emotions. Simply seeing is sufficient. An awakened person watches, not because I’ve spoken the command into them but because by practicing awareness severed from thought they automatically become connected to the wordless thoughts of the Creator Who intuitively moves them to see and to understand. 

Making that connection sometimes requires a gentle, spoken coaxing. Most people are so attached to words and the world, that short of a bolt of lightning . . . getting knocked from their horse to the ground, so to speak, there is no other way. Emotional people lead beleaguered lives, plagued by psychical and emotional duress. When you are under the spell of emotionality, you cannot tell true from false, or right from wrong. 

In the meditation technique, I become your anti-hypnotist, gently breaking you away from mesmerizing forces that have gotten in to occupy the psyche. Post hypnotic suggestions you aren’t aware of, placed by the world into the mind, are broken. Now you find that you can easily regulate behavior and enjoy a peaceful, free life without the controlling influence of others. You have awakened and come out of trance that you never realized you were in.

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  1. A real live chronic unrecovered thinkaholic from Michigan on February 2, 2021 at 11:48 am

    I like, first become still so you can wake up. As the result, God enters and as the result, we become watchful in more and more moments of the day automatically, as long as we don’t let up on the sitting still, letting Him in, and waking up prior to attempting to sleep and shortly upon waking up from physical sleep and considering our plans for the day.

    • Anonymous on May 10, 2022 at 11:43 am

      What do they get for a bottle of ‘think’ these days up in Michigan? I hear the cost is constantly rising.

  2. Schwarzhoff Daniel on February 4, 2021 at 8:50 am

    One will never make it to Carnegie Hall unless they continue to practice, practice, practice. (Meditation is a ‘stress’ rehearsal)

    Yes, it is definitely helpful to ‘consider’ ones plans for the day in the AM. Not focus or struggle with the thoughts of the details a day but a general and brief overview/recall of the potential schedule. That takes about 30 seconds to ‘consider’ even the busiest of schedules. Its effect practice because it gives what has not yet occurred perspective, having the effect of eliminating fear of the unknown. I agree and highly recommend.

    Thanks Chronic, God bless


    • Chronic on May 7, 2021 at 5:06 pm


      I am “Chronic.”

      Brad from Michigan

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