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The Choice That Changes Everything

A person is either conscious or not. Awake or asleep. Existing in the 3rd dimension or the 4th. To improve conscious contact with God doesn’t mean to intensify effect or sensation. Either consciousness is on or it is off.

To improve as human beings, we must move toward perfection simply by becoming awake and aware now, more of the time. Failing to make and to improve contact results in an increasingly distressed way of life, marked by declining health, mounting emotional suffering and excuses.

The repeated strikes from the daily grind and emotional pressures upon the vulnerable person, unprotected, living in unconsciousness, wears him out. Although he may appear on the surface to be serene, spiritually erudite and well adjusted, hidden underneath, even from detection by his own intellectual radar, remains a torrid pool of suppressed emotion.

He'll continue to be plagued by obsessions. Addictions like smoking, overeating, even bedeviling sexual behaviors perhaps known only to him or his closest relations, will belie his outward appearance.

Undercurrents of ongoing spiritual decay will wreak havoc on his immune system and mental capacities. Even the so-called professionals, who would dispense spiritual advice, fall into this class, handily. Doctors, counselors, clerics, life coaches, 12-Step sponsors, even celebrity self-help gurus, cannot cure themselves. And this is why all guidance and direction must always come from God and not from men.

Mental, moral training and character development should not come from human ‘teaching.’ Do not be motivated by human 'motivators'. It can come from a loving God and it does, but only while we are God conscious. Abrupt, untimely death (heart disease) or prolonged immune system illnesses (cancers) are all too common among those who fail to get free from anger and truly master resentment.

Through God consciousness, we are placed in a position to allow God’s discipline to flow into us, correcting us where self-discipline has failed. Instead of being beaten down by the cruelties and harsh realities of the world, making us sick and tired, we are strengthened by them.

We become more virtuous and moral, having set the example of good character, to pass on to our children as well as to the people around us.

Without conscious contact with God, the opposite is true. We’ll only pass on examples of poor moral character, even as we continue to deteriorate, succumbing to the harsh pressures exerted on us in the inescapable torrent of events that life’s stream presents.

Our children will hate what we’ve become and in response, become us, making the exact same errors, lacking the discipline that we too have lacked. They become promiscuous, dishonest and will abuse substances, manipulating people for personal gain.

And we watch, thinking, “What could have gone wrong?” The problem is not what has gone wrong, but more what has failed to go right.

The answer is us. We are what has failed to go right, through an unconscious, Godless existence that guarantees a progressive inability to neither know what God’s will is, nor receive the power to carry it out.

There is hope. We have just one choice. To be conscious or not. God is either everything or else nothing — which attitude we choose determines how we live and die.

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