Independence Day fireworks above Mt. Rushmore

The Dream Comes True

I was reading the Declaration of Independence last night before bed. It occurs to me that The American Dream isn’t about owning a house and a big car, having a health plan and a college diploma. Heck, even socialism will do that! And there are plenty of fallen politicians that are absolutely thrilled to attain seats of power and hand all these out.

The American Dream is about liberty, our God-given freedom, and the equal application of justice for all. 

Our founders didn’t fight an oppressive monarch because they wanted to have more material possessions. They fought for their freedom . . . for our freedom. That is the American Dream.

And all of this is laid out clear as a bell in our Declaration of Independence. 

Today, July 4, 2021, is a great day to read it from beginning to end. I’ve done it many times. When my son and daughter were younger I would read it to them on the 4th of July. They know today that the way they live was earned and that we Americans are the most productive, creative, least racist, and most fair and just civilization ever to emerge on this planet in its history . . . not by chance. 

Our high quality of life—the cars, the homes, the opportunities in education—are not in satisfaction of greed. They are merely some of the spoils automatically earned for winning our freedom. It makes us extraordinarily creative, productive, and secure. 

We may be just 4% of the total world population, but we find ourselves with 30% percent of the world’s wealth. It was not taken from anyone. It was created out of our own resources, through the free-market capitalism that independence naturally fosters. Free people love free trade. 

And the only way any of this will change is if someone takes away our liberties. They’re trying, too. Watch what we do to keep it. It’s going to be amazing.

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