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To Live in the 4th Dimension

You haven’t always been as you are. You used to live in a different dimension. You existed in a realm consciously connected with your Creator through a powerful metaphysical link called intuition. But then you lost it.

You thought you were growing up and to a great extent you were. But you were also being corrupted. That corruption is the reason for every fear, sickness, bad habit or suffering you’ve ever had.

Don’t be insulted. This happens to everyone. You couldn’t have helped it. The world you were born into is cruel and unjust, your parents were ill-equipped to demonstrate how to protect or show you how to discover protection. Don’t hate them. It happened to them too.

But now, the buck can stop with you. You can re-discover what has been lost. You can come back to live a kind of peaceful life you’ve all but forgotten.

All you have to do is wake up. Some call that a spiritual awakening. I am happy to show you how. It’s what I do.

The Fourth Dimension is an accurate description. It isn’t a metaphor. It’s a real place, the culmination of a spiritual experience establishing a perpetual link to the Kingdom within through conscious awareness.

Once we’re living through that connected realm, the famous 4thdimension of existence becomes our reality. We change. We no longer engage grudges, fears, and strings of selfish relationships or harms unto others. We may not yet be perfect human specimens, but we now begin to meet situations with perfect patience and tolerance, that otherwise used to confound and pull us into bitterness. Not forced impassiveness, but a forbearance that comes now, naturally.

We get free from anger. We see without emotional judgment – without playing God. We literally stop sinning and instead, begin to live under a forgiving Spirit, eliminating that kind of error-prone lifestyle. This is the true Born Again experience that many Christians talk about but few ever really experience or live up to.

Once we’re reconnected, then even when we falter, consciousness immediately rises to show us our error and how to deal with each mistake along the way, in real-time. We make instantaneous restitution when appropriate, overlooking the cruelty and injustice of others without malice – conquering these with love as we face them moment-to-moment.

No longer suppressing bitter emotion, an awake, aware individual gathers no lifelong list of wrongs attributable to the symptoms of certain defectiveness, like selfishness and fear. We realize that we’re already forgiven, suffering no guilt or condemnation for ongoing errors. At the same time we cease the emotional judgment of others for their transgressions against us or the world.

Even self-condemnation, leading to depression, ideation, Bi-Polar disorder and OCD goes away once we begin to live and think intuitively, directed by the discipline of a fully actuated conscience.

This happens progressively, over the days and years that we continue to practice intuitive-consciousness so that the objective, awakened state can extend increasingly into the fabric of our daily lives.

This is God flowing in and through us, His will, not ours, manifesting where once we tried to run the show through sheer will and the imagined power of human thought. That fantasy dies the death it deserves. It’s a lie.

If you’ve never experienced the 4th dimension of existence you may be surprised to learn that it isn’t some transcendental state of bliss or semi-tranced-out condition of thought and presence.

It can’t be identified through feelings either. Feelings are, more often than not, a sure sign that one is not living in this fourth dimension. In fact, we who live in this realm are not usually aware of it. I mean we don’t walk around thinking, “Oooh I’m living in the dimension.” In fact, spend your time constantly trying to figure out if you’re in it, and you never will.

This may seem like a contradiction since fourth-dimensional presence requires consciousness, but the reason for this is simply a fact of the human condition – we get used to it. We may be doing ‘good things’ yet we do not ‘feel good’.

We may move, act and think in unison with God’s will, but we don't feel ‘holy’ or superior to others while we are doing it.

Life is just life and it seems to be the only normal way. This is not to say that life is not a joy. It is. Yet after a time, that joy of life seems the only natural one to have. Health comes naturally.

Healthy living – diet, exercise, mental outlooks are just not large issues anymore. Relationships that should never be, aren’t anymore and ones that can flourish, do. Unhealthy alliances with cruel and sick people break off as those people lose their life source from feeding off of our energies.

We begin to realize that God is now in charge of our lives instead of us. With that, we can begin to appreciate the efficiency of divine management over that which we had previously experienced as being entirely unmanageable.

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Still, the temptation to struggle does come – and that is why we must practice, through meditation, freeing ourselves from getting caught up in it.

With our new spiritual tools, we have a way of handling the temptation to struggle. We can get back into the light before the cold shadows of forces unseen, unimaginable terrors reclaim us by hauling us back into unconsciousness.

We are no longer members of the walking dead and these forces have lost their power to drag us through their hell; we are no longer subject to the temptations. Life moves from a living hell to become a heaven on earth. It’s as if a tiny slice of it has come down and opened a door for us.

Upon entering, we are safe, protected, in the Sunshine of the Spirit. Life as we know it will never be the same.

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