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What the Hell is Wrong With Us?

The deepest, darkest fear of all mankind is to discover that we are not all-powerful, that only God is all-powerful. Something pathetic within, something inadequate and feeble, trembles in the Light of conscious awareness once It learns the most horrifying fact for every human being—that we are not God.

The deepest, darkest fear of all mankind is to discover that we are not all-powerful, that only God is all-powerful.Click To Tweet

There’s something about us, something dark residing within, that craves more than anything else to be God. That’s all it has ever wanted since the beginning. It yearns to judge, to cast anyone It chooses into heaven or hell. It is a Dark Phantom seeking to control the universe, to destroy it and every living thing and then recreate all into Its own design and image.

Why? Because the universe is God’s, and It hates God.

Can you imagine something so hideous, murderous and vile? No need to imagine It, because It is real. And It’s inside you, right now. Don’t be upset with me! I didn’t say It is you. But It’s nature is in you. It’s in all of us—the essence of something Dark with which we connect and think of as us. But it isn’t us.

It tells us It's us. It masquerades as us. It even thinks in our own voice inside our heads. But It’s a Pretender that feeds on our negative emotional responses – on anger.

I know this sounds very supernatural. That’s the nature of the metaphysics I write about in my books and blogs. But science knows a bit about this too. They know something’s there. They’ve observed It operating in people for centuries. They’ve even put a name to it. They call it ego.

There’s just one problem. They haven’t a clue what it is. Ego isn’t what they’ve imagined it to be. They think go is some facet of the human mind they can study and understand as if to lean about it will somehow enable them to control it.

But the Ego is beyond that. It is beyond all clinical training and understanding. We are never going to ever control It. Ego is something metaphysical and entity, with a will of its own. As such, It does not have your best interest at heart. It only cares for Itself.

Now, this is cause for great concern, of course, but before you get too upset by this idea and begin cursing me in your head, let me assure you there is a way to conquer it. All we have to do to get free is disconnect from that shadowy-self, and when we do we automatically reconnect with our Creator—and He saves us.

We can detach from Its will, coming into conscious contact with the Will of God instead. Every human being on the face of the earth must do this, or else die. We start to take in a new understanding of how things are. Intuitively.

Conscience dominates our thinking and our behaviors – just like it’s designed to do. We become disciplined, not Self-disciplined, running off our thinking brains, but automatically we become inspired—not by intellect, by wisdom . . . intuition . . . that moves us and keeps within the framework of our Creator’s will for us.

Become disciplined by #intuition from God, not by pure intellectClick To Tweet

Then, without the constant compulsion to fulfill our self-centered wants, we just naturally gravitate toward whatever God’s plan is for us. We accept it. Not because we are told to. We’re not religion centered, or fixated with philosophies and theology or spiritual movements, but we become God-centered individuals. Free. We are filled with courage. It isn’t willful. It just happens as we start to live a non-judgmental, resentment and anger-free existence. This is a fearless way of life.

Once we’re free from every negative emotions, fear included, we lose our loyalty to self-seeking, scheming, plotting, planning. We cease all of the fantasizing about how great we are, how powerful, devout and in control of our futures we are. We come to live moment to moment, in the present, not the past or future. Faith rises.

We stop worrying, trying to manipulate people and events to our own benefit. The bitter energy in all fear falls off and we stop playing God. . . we aren’t judging anymore. Self-will collapses and God’s will projects through us, placing us in a position of courageous authority, under Him.

We experience, the “all else is added” idea. That becomes our truth, not merely a wish.

We begin to accomplish things we could never before. We brim with creativity. Our physical and mental stamina increases, and we begin running on supernatural power—a power greater than anything we could contemplate.

Instead of remaining powerless, stuck inside our heads imagining our greatness, we’re now fueled by a benevolent force that is superior to everything else. It’s better than anything you or I could ever come up with on our own. And all it takes is to wake up—to become conscious.

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