The Sickness That Destroys Us — And How Simple it is to Recover

It is a fact that every human being who walks or has ever walked the face of the earth inherits what is often termed as spiritual disease. Religions have other names for that. It’s the same thing.

In the history of the world there are only two humans beings who were ever born without the infection. Now it is now passed on to all of humanity through every mother to her child, sometimes even while the fetus is still in the womb. 

Mother projects into her child the impatient, irritated demeanor once put into her. When father fails to correct it with love, the child grows up marked with her emotionality. Something of momma now resides inside the child. The child resents both parents, first for failing to love each other and then for failing to provide true love for the child. 

Nightmares Begin at Home

It has been the parents. Mostly mother that’s passed it on . . . a legacy of resentment, judgment, impatience and even ambition. Fathers are complicit in the nightmare for being weak and poor examples of virtue. 

Momma’s boys who hate their own mothers grow to become child/men seeking nothing but approval from women as if they were momma. This is disgusting to consider, isn’t it? And yet if you observe you will see that this is the dominant trait in most man/woman relationships. 

Everything that is wrong with the child goes to the parents who failed to provide love. And without a biological, God-centric father to protect the child from this horror, demonstrating with paternal love and strength how to get free, to stay protected, the infection manifests. 

And as it grows the individual experiences a progressive evolution of internal conflict in the form of anxiety. There surfaces a need for relief, first discovered in food and then in sexual adventure. 

Eventually the need becomes overwhelming, and the troubled individual takes a course in life that was never meant to be . . . obsessively eating wrongly, sexing wrongly, struggling through life with readily availed remedies that seem to help, but are only fleeting aides. 

No One Escapes

Nearly everyone goes at least this far in the progression, experimenting with an over-dependence on food, sex, or both. Witness the problems that the abuse of these otherwise natural activities cause in the emotional and physical wellness of so many human beings. 

And when even those solutions are not enough because the trauma has been too intense—perhaps both parents were cruel and impatient, then the need to apply more medicament advances. It goes to whatever is next available. Typically that is alcohol and drugs, and perhaps even worse . . . marrying wrongly, working wrongly, sinking ever deeper into the futile search for relief through people and experiences. 

Fully fixated to a world of pleasures a person becomes a piggy glutton for emotional uplift, fulfilling pleasure and excitement. They become captivated with entertainment, thrills and unnecessarily dangerous endeavors.  

The Role of Dad 

The family dynamic that would arrest this process is a God-centric father’s love. This becomes increasingly rare however as family units in our society continue to break down. This is the downgrade in quality of life we see as nations devolve.

For these reasons, successful man/woman relationships follow a hierarchy of God to Man to Woman to Child. Lead by a loving manly presence, a family survives and flourishes against the relentlessly stressful nature of this earthly existence . . . members adopting love by rejecting hate. 

Consequently, they gradually become perfected back to accepting the will of their Creator, living well to prosper in this lifetime and then never die in the next.

I realize the shocking nature of these words. But what if you are already caught in this terrible destructive description of human tragedy. Is there hope? There most certainly is. And it is something that’s easy to find and so close at hand that it can be hard to believe. 

The Daily Solution

You could be a millionaire, a billionaire or a middle management cubicle worker. A religious zealot or an atheist. A sick and tired geek or a fit as a fiddle marathon runner . . . it doesn’t matter. We’re all in the same boat and come under the same hierarchy of human order and disorder.

The hope is in conscious connectivity with your Creator. 

But to do that requires something that not everyone is willing to do. It requires practice. By stepping back out the stream of thinking and just watching thoughts, something magical happens. You disengage from whatever has gotten into you and reengage with the will of your Creator. You take direction from a new Source that centers not with you but with God. 

Do that every day and soon it will become part of your daily existence. You heal. You become whole. You regain lost virtue. You gain immunity to the infectious nature of what we can call spiritual disease.

You begin to have a life that is better than any you could have provide for yourself because now you have God’s will providing for yourself and for others, through you.

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  1. SI W on November 18, 2022 at 6:42 am

    It was easy see this from my own experience of sinking into alcoholism as a result. My father was a weak, over emotional drug addict. My mother under his spell and afraid of him, she supported him and my home lacked any love, stability or fatherly guidance.

    From meditation I saw my weakness with women. And how I desperately seeked approval. It was sickening. But with a young family I was able to seperate from that spirit and begin family life on a new footing. Bringing stability to my home without being driven by emotions. It has been a life changing practice that brought God into the centre of my life. And my family are thriving as a result. When I take care of my wife, practice the principles of love and tolerance with my children – all else falls into place.

    Thank you for passing on this incredible practice.

  2. daniel j schwarzhoff on November 18, 2022 at 6:04 pm

    We’re meant to conquer the legacy of horror. It’s why marriage exists. It isn’t just a contractual arrangement. It’s also a metaphysical union between the two sexes. And once entered and endured for a lifetime, God’s will enters through a sanctity inherent to that vow. Children born and raised under such an agreeent are blessed where a father governs with love and a woman grows toward her Creator. They grow up to become successful and pass on grace even to their own children. You have been given a great gift, the opportunity to effect change for some past errors and set straight a new generation.
    God Bless,

  3. Brad on November 18, 2022 at 9:59 pm

    This is a great article.

  4. Rodney on November 20, 2022 at 3:14 pm

    It’s as if a man has to love tge he’ll out of a woman. Never wavering. Remaining stoic and steadfast. Man is to love God and his right ways more than he loves his woman. Never giving into her wrong demands and worldly ways.
    Is this close?

  5. DJS on February 19, 2023 at 9:53 pm

    There’s hardly a man who can stand up to a woman with true love, or who even understands what this means. And so he will never love her at all but will instead join her in her hell. So I’ll say yes it is close, but show me one man who hasn’t used every woman he’s ever met including his wife, and disappointed her with his weaknesses for her, giving her cause to hate. That is not love, is it?

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