Bad Habits Trace to a Single Cause

Drinking too much liquor, indulging in drugs, and overeating are objectionable activities, for sure. But they are not the cause of the addict’s or alcoholic’s troubles.

Alcoholism, drug and food addictions, vices and bad habits of all kinds are merely obsessive behaviors that manifest as effects following one original cause. 

That’s how all obsessions like these are born.

Notice that I said “one original” cause. That’s because all addiction stems out of a single point—very often loosely characterized as spiritual disease. 

This presents a problem, however. Spiritual disease is such an esoteric term that it’s become subject to many interpretations. Pinning down just what this otherworldly malady is, what causes it, and then how to avoid or even cure it once you’ve got it is vitally important. 

Once correcting what’s gone wrong there, you will spontaneously resolve any problem you may have with any bad habit, vice or addiction. Smoking, pornography, people dependency, food addiction, virtually every compulsion there is, with all of the destructive behavior attendant to them, responds immutably to this solution.

Fortunately, this isn’t so difficult to do either. All bad habits, addictions, obsessive behaviors are effects, not causes. Once you have a picture of the full etiology revealing the affliction of the psyche–-many call this “Spiritual Disease”, you can clearly see the cause that went before the effect.

When anger is removed, heroin addicts spontaneously put down the needles. Forever. Fentanyl dependency and addictions to all opioids dissolve. Addicts throw away their pills. The need is gone. Alcoholics put down the drink and can even be around liquor without succumbing to temptation. Crack addicts, tweakers, and sniffers of all kinds lose their obsession for getting high. Clinical detoxification from substances becomes effective and successful like never before. 

A person could even detox off sugar, nicotine, high carbohydrate foods and stop abusing foods without dieting. Even fixations with pornography and the accompanying masturbation addiction fall away. The solution is too simple for complicated, emotionally subjugated minds. 

That cause is resentment. Period. That is what came first. That commences the originating spiritual break from your Creator. And from there arises all brokenness we know as spiritual malady.

Get free from anger and you’ll never habitually abuse any substance or behavior again for as long as you live. It couldn’t be any simpler than that.

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