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Inner Peace in Turbulent Times

Preface – Please Remain Calm
There are two main elements to what you are about to discover in the following chapters. At first, some of it could seem a little scary. But it is all vital and true. Please keep an opened mind and no matter what, do your best to remain calm. The first element is the written narrative which holds a very special message. The second . . .

~ Go In, 2012

The preface to a book I wrote a number of years ago was titled “Please Remain Calm.” I gave it that heading knowing full well that despite my caveat, what readers were about to learn might frighten and upset them. (Maybe that’s why the book was only a Best Seller for less than a week.)  The idea was that by being forewarned, perhaps they could also become mentally forearmed.

My words alone won’t change how you react to events. I can only point in the right direction. Once you become excited I might say, “Remain calm” until I’m blue in the face. But that won’t do you any good if you don’t know how to do that. It just becomes an empty, inadequate mantra. So let’s address that for a moment. Because the how is really very simple.

You know that little knot you feel in your stomach right now? It isn’t nothing. World events, news, political actions, can have a destructive effect on every human being that gets drawn in emotionally. It is the negative charge of resentment that does the harm. Anger, rage or even its little sibling ‘disappointment’ cannot be reasoned or rationalized away. But love, no matter what, is the most profound protection against all offensiveness. It’s automatic, perfect peace.

Becoming still within calms the stressed psyche by allowing consciousness to rise above thinking, thereby separating you from the harmful energy that others transfer through projection. It is equivalent to raising an invisible shield of graceful resilience in the face of evil.

Stepping back and watching, free of all emotion is the only way to survive the stress. It brings safety and over time, strength. As upsetting events continue to present, protection from the stress is found in remaining emotionally unruffled. It’s a neutral state that is only possible via consciousness. It takes a little practice. But with it, we are automatically led away from the temptation to hate—staying safe and protected from mental and emotional harm. The serenity of stillness is our most powerful defense against evil in the universe. It is how God enters so that His will be done. 

Of course, just knowing this isn’t enough. Justifying rising resentment for offensive people doesn’t either. Only by observing, apart from becoming upset, annoyed, or angry does. It’s ‘putting first the Kingdom,’ within. If you are committed to your Creator, to finding God, then news events and politics cannot phase you.

So you might be asking, “Great! How do I do that?” 

Simply come back from the abyss in your head into which thought has pulled you. Stop learning and begin knowing. 

That lump of energy you feel is the throbbing force of resentment. Something inside you feasts on it. Be aware of it. Observe it. Don’t struggle with the thought of it. If you could just practice standing back and watching, your entire deportment would change. You would find you could just see events as they unfold, with getting caught up in emotions. 

If you’ll do that, you will remain immune to the harmful energy, the temptation to judge. And that little knot, that uneasy feeling you have about the future of the country, your life, the lives of others will fall into proper perspective. God’s will shall be done in you, while you remain safe and protected . . . calm, for real.

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  1. Sandarah Catmom on January 12, 2021 at 2:00 pm

    I started this meditation about three years ago – twice a day nearly every day though admittedly imperfectly and sometimes for the full recording while others not so much.
    But unwittingly, I took a lot of religious ideas or agendas with me that I see as time goes on and I wake up more and more. Slowly, layer by layer by layer I’m awakening in the meditation and in my day to day awareness. The effects are an on-going evolution that haven’t happened all at once yet seem to build. Initially in the meditations I would be aware of what seemed like presences coming out of my body – like images of a movie where a ghost or spirit leaves someone. These phantoms would just get up and walk out. That happened pretty often the first year or so (?).
    And layer by layer I’d be aware of various levels of control or conjecture I was taking into the mediation process and those too would release. Still and all I’ve gotten very caught up in the political climate of the times and have been mentally drawn into the fray – as it seemed like it was so important for me to have an opinion. A few times recently I’ve let the meditations slide or was very brief with them and I paid the price of going back into the monkey mind very rapidly. I felt under siege from the mind again, very quickly.
    A few weeks back though I recommitted to the practice spending more focussed time meditating while listening to the recording rather than going it on my own and it’s made a huge shift. Huge. I’ve been able to experience the miracle that happens when I let go of the thoughts and just do the simple techniques letting go of any agendas about what needed to happen either with me or in the world.
    It’s as if all troubles vanish when I use the meditation properly and I’m acutely aware of my addiction to distress and control. I also discovered how real the notion of other people inserting their will into me even if supposedly with all good intentions and I could see clearly how thrown of I’d been because of a friendship where the other person had the habit of heaping advice on me about everything (a sponsor). Not a bad person – just not what works; I don’t need the opinions of others, not with this.
    Anyway, thank you for the email and blog reaffirming that I’m slowly learning about how to remain at peace and the power of this meditation to teach me how to just let go and actually let God; these aren’t just words, it’s real. Whether “God” or “Higher Self” or “Creator” or “Great Spirit” there is a presence within that this meditation provides the means to turn things over to that and the rest untangles and/or just goes away. So simple…. but words are only words, the practice is where the realizations live. Thank you again.

    • Linda Chavez on January 13, 2021 at 10:17 pm


    • Dan on March 15, 2021 at 10:48 am

      Your experiences are not at all atypical. Once you begin to wake up, your need for other’s ideas or translations becomes unnecessary. You get your own intuitive guidance, exposing much since you are reconnecting with your Creator. You are correct, it is an unfolding process, layer by layer.

      Do not be alarmed by those “presences” leaving you. These are vagrant entities that have gotten inside over the course of your life while you had been living unconsciously. They are very common, just spiritual vermin. No one wants to admit they are there, indeed most go about their lives ensuring they do not see them. It is good that you have become aware of their existence. Please do not be frightened by them. Just watch without resenting. They’re weak, they cannot remain in the presence of the Light, and will flee as you continue to meditate properly.

      Just don’t backslide. You see the vulnerability there! The recommitment is good. But please, stay with the recording for a while. Follow the directions exactly (The ‘pre-talk’ helps with that. listen to that again as needed) It may take as long a year, or more but eventually, if you stick with it as directed you’ll find you can wean off the recording, maybe going to it just once in a while for a ‘refresher.’ Once having established and begun living connected to your Creator you won’t need me. As the consciousness you now practice morning and night increasingly extends into your daily affairs, that will happen.

      You are very welcome, and I appreciate your kind words. Anytime.

      God bless,

  2. Linda Chavez on January 13, 2021 at 10:14 pm

    Hello, I admit to stopping the meditations and gradually getting caught up in the adrenaline of current events. I also started listening to negative thoughts and agreeing until I became depressed, crying daily.
    I did 2 meditations and woke up enough to find people to be around and energy and less sadness and addiction to reading current events, as well as sharing my opinions.
    I have the desire and energy to get more done, though sadness is less painful it is not all gone yet.
    Non contemplative meditation works!
    Linda Chavez

  3. Dan on March 12, 2021 at 10:44 am

    It’s effective and as you discovered fast-acting too! Don’t backslide. The temptation toward sadness (resentment) is just that . . . a temptation, until you indulge in it. But even THEN – if you just step back and watch — practice consciousness, the same as when you meditate, you will be brought free immediately . . . perhaps a little worse for the wear than had you allowed your Creator to lead you away from the temptation — that is always preferred — but saved from Evil nonetheless. God Bless. Dan

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