Carl Hart, Columbia professor, discusses his heroin use on CNN

Insanity Exposed

Meet Carl Hart, psychology professor at Columbia University. By now you’ve probably seen this guy. He’s a tenured Ivy League professor, but he’s also something else. He’s an active drug abuser. 

Professor Hart has been getting some traction in social media and on cable news shows recently touting his recreational heroin use. He likens it to “. . . vacations, sex, and the arts . . .” proclaiming how “Heroin is one of the tools that I use to maintain my work-life balance.” He also says he is not addicted. 

This is phenomenal. I cannot tell you how glad I am that he’s doing this. 

We want this kind of transparency. It’s good to see how evil operates, to hear the defending voice that every substance-abusing person hears inside their head, muttering insane explanations, and justifying a sick devotion to escape. 

It’s quintessential addiction insanity, right out in the mainstream media. It takes us into the mind of the addict, so we can observe just what non-addicts and even addicts themselves seem to get wrong about addiction. Exposed.

As long as the Professor Hart or anyone like him continues to numb their conscience with drugs like opiates (or nicotine, sex, and food—any dopaminergic substance or activity will work) they’ll remain committed to the obsessive need for relief created by an underlying brokenness within them. 

Take some unrecognized resentment, throw in a bit of suppressed anger and stifling fear, the kind that plagues every human being who fails to find and face certain truths about themselves, and voila! You get God-playing, judging. But you also get the pain of guilt for it. Drugs come to the rescue and the immediate result is relief. Yes, drugs work! 

But that also means getting continually beaten up with every annoyance and irritation that inevitably arises in the normal stream of life. Eventually. It’s a negative energy that breaks down the mind and body of a once innocent individual. 

This poor fellow is getting worse every day that he continues to use—even while putting on a good outward face for it.

Working with addicts and alcoholics and helping them overcome their problems for over two decades has allowed me to observe how all psychoactive drug use—heroin, nicotine, and cocaine—spreads misery. This man’s philosophy isn’t some sort of enlightenment. It’s darkness. And it’s sick. It isn’t possible for any human being under the psychotic influence of such psychotropic chemicals to maintain wholesome relationships with others, or even to be a trusted employee . . . let alone a college professor.

A person escaping consciousness opens the door of entry to entities that will convince him of absurd notions. He thinks he’s getting better while he is really becoming worse—less of a sane human being, and increasingly merged with a Dark Entity now residing inside him. He doesn’t know that It’s there. He thinks It is part of him. He is so screwed.

He’ll find it increasingly challenging to be a good friend, husband, or father—the personality slowly descending into narcissism, the self-centered condition of every drug abuser. People in his life will suffer just for knowing him. (His family knows. Trust me.)

Living ‘clean and sober’, without the use of recreational-drugs or abusing any substances isn’t only about not dying from it, holding a job, or being able to write a book. What’s really significant is what happens to a human being while chemically anesthetizing a pained conscience with the artificial ‘bliss’ that drugs titrate into the brain. It’s about nurturing a destructive defectiveness of character that lies within the psyche of all suffering from chemically deadened consciousness . . . and the selfish, self-centered personality that automatically develops in all drug addicts. 

We all have to face the proposition during our lifetime of whether or not we are growing toward our Creator or if instead we’re doing things to support an Ego that only wants to be God. And we will crush, kill,and destroy anyone or anything getting in Its way. 

Whenever this latter condition dominates, it’s the very reason for obsession with any pleasure-inducing behavior or substances. It is the single, founding element of every substance abuse disorder. There is no exception. It is just that simple. 

This substance abusing individual, clearly a de facto or perhaps even an actual spokesman for the commercial “Harm Reduction”* industry, is a shill for the vast groups of clinicians that profit from human misery.

Chemically anesthetizing a pained consciousness with artificial joy numbers the days of one’s existence—forever. And while doing so, also spreads a hell of a lot of misery and suffering. This is what the commercial “Harm Reduction” people like this fellow fail to tell anyone. 

Well, I just did. You’re welcome. 

*“Harm Reduction” characterizes a philosophy where addiction is viewed as something that’s inevitable and therefore should be considered a feasible, acceptable lifestyle . . . as long as it is managed and monitored to minimize its negative impact on society. All management and monitoring is facilitated by promoters who seek large government grants and taxpayer monies to fund “Harm Reduction” projects. There is no consideration for getting to the cause of, or a solution to, the addiction problem. The only concern is to moderate as much as possible the negative effects via management. It is the moniker for a movement in the commercialized recovery industry that’s been able to economically and socially justify the legal monetization of active drug addiction.

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  1. Patrick Cregan on April 1, 2021 at 3:04 am

    Unbelievable that an educated could say that the solution to death from overdose is to make access to better drugs possible , clearly the reasoning of an excuse making mind and new age drug therapy . Who needs the solution to addiction when better drugs saves lives , complete lunacy..

  2. Charlotte MacInnes on April 1, 2021 at 4:46 am

    Completely and utterly insane! Enough said. I could be judge, jury & executioner but let god do his work here. I agree Patrick – complete lunacy. Good luck to this guy.

  3. Gregory Gilligan on April 1, 2021 at 7:36 am

    I don’t understand how he’s a professor at Columbia. Do they not do drug screens? ANY employer I ever worked for had mandatory drug screening. Is this a “liberal pass”? SMH…I don’t get it

    • Dan Schwarzhoff on April 2, 2021 at 2:19 pm

      Some of the stupidest intelligent people are found on Ivy League campuses.

  4. Avery Munoz on April 1, 2021 at 10:45 am

    Years ago, when in college I remember professors pushing the harm reduction philosophy. Citing this man, and a country (I forget which one now) that made recreational drug use legal, every one!

    I don’t think we’ve been able to see the ramifications of the widespread “medicinal” marijuana legalization. The evil force pushing the world to darkness seems to be always accelerating with disruptions that are few and far between.

    • Dan Schwarzhoff on April 2, 2021 at 2:16 pm

      Sure. Harm reduction philosophy is not based on reality. It centers on commerce. KACHING!

  5. Donna Marie on April 1, 2021 at 1:53 pm

    His book title is amazing!! ‘Drug use for grown ups. Chasing liberty in the land of fear’. It’s too much for me I’m sorry it says it all 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Dan Schwarzhoff on April 2, 2021 at 2:11 pm

      He is not “canceled” – people who love true liberty would never. We need to see his brand kind of stupidity.

  6. Dan Schwarzhoff on April 2, 2021 at 1:58 pm

    Intelligent people can certainly come to see the truth that drug addiction is not really the problem. They are smart after all. But then to go ignorant . . . disregarding that the issue goes to a deeper, underlying cause . . . is simply the witless carrying of unspeakable evil. Not understanding or caring about the underlying human brokenness of every addict helps fuel the addiction problem, making the scourge worse, not better. The need for the intoxicating effects of drugs carries base darkness through our society like metastasizing cancer. Drug abuse is merely a symptom of the malady. Accepting and nurturing the symptom while the causative spiritual disease continues to run rampant is sheer stupidity. This man and anyone defending him do not know what the hell they are doing – they do not see the harms they are causing in our world.

  7. Eric Chase on April 3, 2021 at 3:30 pm

    I’ve just stumbled on to your wisdom looking for understanding a different approach to stopping my cigarette addiction. I’m ecstatic to say the least to have found you and your site. The metaphysical realm is the core and you had me at “born into it”. I’ve been circling mantras and personal beliefs with hints of clarity. I want to offer my sincere thanks for your words, expertise and effort to share and help people, their character and authenticity with the one thing we all want to run from but ultimately know is the savior, that being truth.


    Humanity has always had ego at the forefront of our existence. Biblically, when we took a bite, we disconnected from the creator, the source etc. The validations over generations that this disconnection, this misery and unbalance warrant all of these addictions, compulsions and ultimate defiance of the truth to bring us to where we are today, sedated as a species. My parents were both in EGO- Mode when they were born, they were confused and afraid and basically jumped on the train. I was a surprise and without having an honest path of non-judgement and the skills or information to deal with the world they were entering they instilled the same if not amplified fears in me. All of this I’m excited to admit you help unleash. My dad is a miserable old man and my mom, though gone now, suffered her whole life even though she was successful and he as well. Illusions haunt these people and what really worries me now is that I’ve grown somewhat comfortable in this miserable chaos of disconnection from the source. I was born into it. I have twelve total parents. Every parent and step pa parent married and divorced three times except for one(twice). My two best parents were the first set of steps. They were so opposite my real parents, it was like they were sent to save me or something.
    After hearing your words today, I feel like I have a chance to approve of myself, to love again and to get on with the truth. You’ve truly made a difference and connection with me today and I would love to continue the discussion.

    We all want to feel accepted by each other because we are disconnected from our creator. Therefore we trying to be accepted by the wrong group. Unconditionally it can never happen by our peers cause they are in the same predicament in most cases judging, ha ha, by the state of our society. In fact, its got to be one of the core ingredients in the bedrock of our society. The binding element

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