Preachers, Priests, and Ministers Should Recommend This Meditation

As a rule, Christian preachers and ministers are unsupportive of meditation. They might simply discourage the practice or even go so far as to vociferously rail against it. Their reasons are concern-driven and frankly, often justified.

Church leaders prefer sermons and services that they can facilitate. Scripturally sourced teachings place them in positions of leadership where they can be proactive shepherds of their flock. Meditation, even the hypnotic, escapist kind, tends to be personal. It’s an experience normally practiced alone. Anything that threatens to release church members from Scriptural studies and the sermonized community can be bad for business. 

But there is perhaps an even greater reason. Clerics also recognize that non-duality philosophies and the concepts these “meditations” typically implant could tempt members of the flock to leave the church. They can become mesmerized by the promise of greener, albeit dharmic non-Christian pastures . . . well, you see the problem. 

Even when meditation has been Christianized, as with many of the so-called “contemplative” techniques, the themes may be acceptable, the narratives could imply standard Christian doctrine, but cerebral concentration and focused thought is not the kind of meditation that Christ or His disciples would have proposed. These are intellectual applications of brain power that merely impart rote doctrine into the mind for later recall. They aren’t the kind of metaphysical practice that invokes soulful, spiritual awakening and growth. 

Although Ego will argue this point, the where to discover our Creator is within . . . the how is through consciousness—a wordless connection with Him, not study or concentration. It is spiritual, not intellectual. It is our intuition, not our brain that delivers the goods. Wisdom comes through inner vision, not by optical eyesight. Understanding the truth of our purpose and relationship with Him is apart from word and thought.

Anything that calls for deliberate mental focus and deep reflection, even when it is upon profound concepts, is a brainwashing device. And there is nothing enlightening about it. 

For many Christians ruminating on spiritual matters is a cumbersome affair anyway. Most aren’t interested in arming for competition as religious apologists and would much rather that an accredited priest or minister with theological acumen perform the religious due diligence. For them, officiated translations of spiritual narrative that can be readily applied to everyday living are more satisfying. 

People do love a good sermon and there is much to say about a good spiritual message conveyed from the pulpit by a God-conscious child of God. God gave us a brain to use and constructing an insightful talk is a wonderful intellectual task . . . when it is fueled by Spirit. 

But with the non-contemplative technique, meditation and the understanding that downloads into the human psyche isn’t at all intellectual or unwieldy. It is superior to anything the intellect can come up with. By detaching the practitioner from the thought-stream, critical intuitive reasoning develops, invoking understanding above thinking. 

Opinions and rote knowledge fall aside while the ‘meditator’ becomes the observer of ideas, and spontaneously realizes from the bottom of his heart the most important but feared fact: That he isn’t God, and that only He is. 

Thousands of years, and still the religions of the world and so-called mystics have failed to minister to mankind’s most horrible, immutable inadequacy. It is the deepest, darkest fear of every human being who’s ever walked the face of the earth . . . the discovery that he is not all-powerful, that only God is all-powerful . . . and he isn’t God after all. 

Talk about the deflation of Ego! This isn’t anything that one who is still self-centered leaps into gleefully. 

Had they succeeded, more people would better understand the nature of sin in them, Ego, and redemption from these. They would seek conscious awareness and the God-centered mindfulness that rises above the thinking mind that otherwise holds them in darkness. 

But as it stands, most people do not know that Ego is a living entity residing inside them, that It feeds on resentment energy and surges with the anger they feel whenever they become upset. They certainly have not been taught that getting free of anger and mastering resentment is not only possible but necessary and that there is no true joy or peace for them until they do. 

And for sure, they have not been shown that to fail at this is to reject God, His love.

But there is good news. This doesn’t have to be taught. It’s already been written into the hearts of us all. We intuitively know all of this now. And once awakened, we can begin practicing daily God-consciousness to keep this message alive. And we never lose it as long as we continue to improve through proper meditation. Escapist meditations out of the non-duality and pantheistic realms don’t do that, but Non-Contemplative Meditation does. It’s what works. It is all that works. Period.

One can mutter under the breath every Holy prayer under the sun, project all of the good intentions they can think of and study all of the profound knowledge ever gathered. None of it is enough. Enough is much simpler and easier to access. Conscious awareness through non-contemplation is the ‘enough’.

It is the practice of unique mindfulness unlocking the mystical pathway to discovering God and His heaven within. It’s the way to know patient forgiveness and love because it sets aside the Dark Self, allowing the Creator in, projecting His will, on earth as it is in heaven. Not the will of any other. Just His.

There are other reasons too, for why Christians, by and large, reject meditation. But if you’re Christian, there is no valid reason for the meditation dilemma to continue. Non-Contemplative Meditation is fully compatible with Christian teachings. Even Catholic priests, along with Protestant ministers and non-denominational Reverends can and should use this unique and special method to develop a closeness with our Father that even they will bigly appreciate. 

The boldness of these statements does not escape me. Many are apprehensive and will always eschew all forms of meditation, especially clerics. There a strong resistance built into their religious training. I get it. But I also know from my own calling that searching children of God quickly discover Him once they awaken to His unspoken word found within. 
I am equally certain that once experienced, any God-conscious ‘man of the cloth’ can fast become willing to pass this on to their churches, without hesitation

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