A man who has stopped struggling and given up smoking

Quitting Smoking is Easy Once You Stop Struggling

Smokers often have no choice but to stay with it. “I can stop anytime I want, I just don’t want to right now,” is a bold attempt to save face. But it isn’t really true, nor is it being honest. There are others who would like to stop, are definitely ready to, but they’re troubled by the prospect of unpleasant withdrawal effects. They’ve tried in the past and just couldn’t stick it out. 

For them, fear makes it too easy to kick the can down the road, delaying freedom for yet another week, a year, or some imagined future phase of life. “It’s a bad time. I just have too much going on right now.” 

But that better future never comes because no future really exists. There is only now

And so they keep on puffing away on cigarettes, cigars, or vaping devices, pumping that drug into their brain allowing them to feel better than they deserve to feel. As the bar for unrecognized anger keeps getting raised, then so does the level of need for the effects of the nicotine. It becomes an never-ending, depressing dependency and there seems to be no end to the insanity in sight. And the justifications are just as easy to find for not losing weight, not giving up alcohol, even not ending a sick relationship—all unwholesome fixations.

But there is a way.

If you could discover the secret of removing effort from trying to break a bad habit, you would find it very simple to be rid of any vice you have. It could be overeating, drinking, drugging, even a sex or relationship addiction. All bad habits can be easily broken by combining a certain attitude with giving up struggle.

This will work for all addictions and fixations. However, let’s zero in on one in particular. Let us for the moment address nicotine addiction, smoking. It is the most difficult of the drug addictions to kick, isn’t it?

Baloney! It’s the easiest of them all. If you have ever tried quitting but found it too difficult, that is only because you struggled, making it impossible to succeed. With such willfulness, you fail to lose the need for the psychotropic relief nicotine supplies.

All substance addictions like smoking are rooted in a single cause. It is resentment. It’s typically unrecognized and suppressed but quite enduring, invariably going back over the lifetime of the sufferer . . . starting with mother and father. With that bitterness comes a mysterious pain of guilt—and internal, psychic agony that psychiatry and psychology have never been able to adequately address. Neither resentment nor the pain of guilt are psychological. They are metaphysical in nature. The substances and behaviors that numb that pain are those to which you become habituated and eventually addicted.

To get free of their malicious energy, one must have an awakening of spirit, allowing the solution to amend a tortured psyche. Once hearing this, some run for the hills. “No way!” they say, fearing that I mean religion or some New Age philosophy. But I don’t mean that at all. It’s much simpler. All it takes is an internal modification of being that comes automatically the moment one becomes truly conscious. That is “spiritual awakening” . . . existing in a state of conscious awareness.

When conscious, there is an opening of the psyche to a heavenly download of intuitive understanding that no religion teacher, preacher, or spiritual pundit can lecture into you or pass on other than by living it. Christ did that quite well, living, dying, and then living again, by the power of the Father’s true love in Him.

Activate consciousness (I’ll give you a link below showing you how) and you’ll find that you can regulate your behavior—even foolish activities like smoking. To quit a nicotine habit permanently becomes just a simple matter of stepping back to allow the effort to drain out of the cessation endeavor. You just stop because you see that you should, having lost the need for the effect of nicotine.

You forgive your parents, regaining the power to manage life. You experience an upheaval of spiritual nature, soon forgiving all of your transgressors. A disruption in the psyche occurs and you can then put down the nicotine. You will first have to patiently endure a few hours of withdrawal symptoms no more severe than those of a common cold. But then you are done with the drug, for good. You never go back to it after the need for relief is gone. 

I’ve helped thousands of people break bad habits by showing them how to lose the need. Nicotine is a major one.  I teach an ultra-simple method for applying conscious awareness. If practiced as directed, you’ll discover the strength within to cease struggling and to regulate behavior over addictive activities like smoking with a peaceful ease. 

Once you awaken, you no longer do any of the things that you don’t want to do anymore, realizing it has never been you doing them anyway, but rather something vile residing in you that you will have now regained lost power over. You’ll become yourself once again, nicotine-free with no desire or need to smoke again for as long as you live.

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  1. Schwarzhoff Daniel on January 26, 2021 at 11:57 pm

    Knowing the real reason for why you smoke is key to stopping. Simply understanding what no one has ever been able to show you before about nicotine will allow you to get free, forever. Despite what you’ve been told, smoking is the easiest of all the bad habits to break. If you aren’t ready to stop smoking just yet—no problem. At least then hear what I have to tell you about your nicotine addiction. It will be important to you down the road, even if you keep on puffin’ https://youtu.be/DfQ1XYXQgiM

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