Stillness vs. Illness – Keeping Your Cool in a Crisis

This crisis is unique. Because of its organic nature and given how our physiques are so interwoven with our emotional nature, attitude is more vital to our quality of life and maybe even survival than ever—probably more than you at first realize, and definitely more than you’ll hear in news reports. To stay clear of this virus entirely or to recover quickly should you become exposed, the information I present here is absolutely critical. 

I’ll give you two words: Remain Calm. Not suppressed. Not rigid . . .  but truly unruffled in spirit. 

In facing a biological enemy like COVID-19 we all need to show common sense to minimize its spread, of course. But we also need to access the God-given protection with which we are all born. That is our immune system. Human immunology is enormously complex, barely understood even by our most advanced scientists. But it is a vital part of our human physiology, especially sensitive to the energetic interference intrinsic to emotions.

Resentment and all of the emotional force spun out of it, like worry, bitterness, and frustration make us vulnerable to the diseases that our immune system is meant to combat. With our natural resistance disrupted, it no longer produces enough antibodies to fight off the antigens it is designed to attack. The stress hormone cortisol, associated with our fight/flight/freeze mechanism rises too, lowering our lymphocyte count, B-Cells and T-Cells. This further exacerbates an already bad condition to be in at any time, let alone during a viral pandemic. 

When resentment is improperly met, the inevitable stress encountered in the stream of life gets inside us. It is disruptive to our physical stamina and we become more susceptible to illness. Stillness, that is to say, staying free of emotional entanglement, ensures that our immune system is working properly, doing exactly what it is designed to do. Staying physically healthy requires being emotionally stable. Yes, keeping your cool can save your life and keep you safe. This sounds ultra-simple. But it works. ‘Simple’ is often funny that way. 

Even science is beginning to catch on to this. Harvard researchers found that even in otherwise healthy individuals, simply remembering past experiences that once made them angry caused an immediate reduction in levels of the antibody blood protein called immunoglobulin A. These antibodies are our first line of defense against infectious disease. You do not want a deficiency in antibody production during a biological pandemic. 

There is no clinical cure for this kind of deficiency either. Instead, the solution is metaphysical. Getting free of the deleterious effects that negative emotion has on the body allows your natural defenses to produce the proper amount of antibodies needed to successfully destroy viruses. However, when stress is met improperly, a negatively charged energetic force courses through the system, impeding normal functioning. 

Boosting the immune system with supplements, getting exercise and eating healthy is physically helpful, of course. But supplements and exercise alone do not get to the metaphysical cause of emotionally diminished immunology. The gyms and health food stores are always full of apparently fit folks who have lousy immune systems due to emotional states. They get sick anyway.

The body doesn’t need enhancements above its normal capacity to fight disease well. It just needs to not be compromised. If your immune system is operating as it is supposed to, then even if you are exposed to the virus, you’ll remain asymptomatic—or if you were to become ill, the probable symptoms you experience are simply indications of success. They’re horribly unpleasant, to be sure. But they show that your immune system is working, attacking and destroying Coronavirus. Even if you do develop symptoms, they’ll remain mild. Your antibodies are doing their thing, just fine.

If you have an underlying physical malady, you could succumb, too—not to the virus but to the symptoms of infection. For example, mucus production in bronchial passages is naturally vital to get rid of a pulmonary infection. But if you have a preexisting condition morbidly affected by a high-production of mucus, your body’s cure could develop into deadly pneumonia. You might become a causality of your own defenses. Medications prescribed to treat many of these underlying conditions are culpable too, reducing normal immune functioning. 

Stillness will keep us all safe. Individual peace of mind and calmness will project onto others—spreading to the world. When you are centered, calm, devoid of judgment or fear, serenity becomes contagious. Your family will respond in kind. Strength downloads from your Creator, courage fills and projects into the surrounding environment through you effortlessly. The world develops immunity  . . . as you have.

So how are you going to do this . . . how will you stay calm? Outside forces seem to actually promote public agitation. Doomsayers, fake news purveyors, exploiters in media and the political world have weaponized what is likely to soon prove to be nothing more than classic, large-scale contagion, the kind the world has seen many times before and survived.

The answer is simple.

Simply stand back from thought. Observe them. Watch as they rise. Become distanced from the din of judgment-packed thinking, free of emotional attachment. From that neutral perspective, the ill-effects of the electric-like disturbance of anger-energy cannot wreak havoc in your body. Of course, social distancing has its value—masks, too. But conscious awareness through stillness is something far more effective, far more advanced. It preserves normal functioning before the horse gets out of the barn, not after.

The kind of calmness I propose is more than just some helpful tip to suppress fear and get by until the crisis has passed. Heck, you can drink or smoke a joint to do that, and many will. What I mean is that an upgrade of attitude is the simplest and most powerful factor in personal safety. It will keep your immunologically in check—right now, and in the traumatic aftermath to follow too, after the markets recover, after the schools reopen, after everyone returns to the workplace and the powers that be flip the switches that turn the nation back on. For some, it could mean the difference between life and death or at the very least your current quality of life amidst the scourge.

When clear of the emotions that cloud perception, you gain the ability to discern true from false. Your consciousness filters the advice of political authorities, media hype, and conspiracy theories from fringe and religious kooks—without judgment. You find that you’re observing and acting based on intuitive perception because energy-draining fear and worry have fallen away. It leaves intact clarity of thought, productivity, and inner peace. When we are spiritually centered we can’t help but become and remain physically and mentally well too. 

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  1. Michaela on June 11, 2020 at 7:48 am

    Keeping mentally healthy is fundamental for holistic well being.

    Thank you 🙂

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