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You Can Change the World

I don’t know what your personal dreams are. Maybe you’re the type who just wants to get through the day without causing any harm to anyone else. Seems a bit lacking . . . but ok. Perhaps you’re building a successful business or have a yearning to help mankind colonize mars. How about becoming a virtuous parent, a reliable friend, or a loyal business partner? Good aims, all of them.

Whatever one hopes to be in this world, whatever good we feel we ought to contribute, I know that most of us do want to have some positive impact on this world. Well, there’s something you should know about this. Your aspirations, the effect you first have under your own roof, are what reverberates throughout the universe. They have vital, far reaching consequences.

If we cannot each make a difference in the world, then why be here at all? We are here because our lives mean something . . . each and every one of us. 

We can and we do affect our immediate surroundings, but our actions also resonate outward, having consequences far beyond our immediate sight. We project what’s inside us. It is up to us in this lifetime to live and project whatever that is. The Golden Rule won’t do that. The Ten Commandments of Moses to the Israelites won’t. In fact, there’s no code of honor or moral psychology that will do that. Only consciousness will.

Through consciousness flows all we need . . . all that the world needs. It often evolves in us as vision. Vision transcends the worrisome confines of mere imagination. It is a wordless prescience that emanates out of consciousness. Vision informs our intellect and behavior, shaping each new moment as foresight actualizes into reality. 

With vision it can seem at times that we have known the future. And in a way we do. We don’t  create it. We just feel it coming and we are able to prepare. It is quite an asset to possess. We need men and women with it. Vision spawns progress when it moves good people to serve their fellows with intuited spirit from within. 

The way to positively influence others, especially our children, is through a living example that comes by becoming conscious. The moment you do that, the will of the Father begins flowing in and through you, as you move in the stream of life approaching perfection. 

We inspire others without effort once we practice stillness of body and mind. Not void . . . not silence . . . just a simple separation of awareness from the cluttered stream of intellect—apart from contemplation or opinion. This is the only way. 

It works, too. How? Simple. Watching, observing, and discerning without emotionalized judgment is all there is to it. There isn’t anything else to do. There is no power of human will that can substitute for conscious awareness. 

What I’ve just outlined approximates the proper way to meditate. It is the essence of effective prayer. Once doing just this and nothing else, you awaken . . .  and then you change. It is a transformation from within you could never yourself induce. It happens once you come to the horrible realization that you are not God. Then, all that you need to live in perfect peace follows. 

Your conscience recalibrates in alignment with your Creator and you automatically do His will instead of the will of Self or the will residing in others. And you do it without even knowing that you are doing it, without study, sermons, or any willful aid telling you how to live. It just happens.

Virtue spontaneously returns without anyone telling you how to be virtuous. You don’t need ministers, preachers, life coaches, or spiritual mentors. You don’t need religion, bible studies, or spiritual education. There is no course or theology that can transform you. 

There’s no effective muttering to God under your breath, pleading for enlightenment, clarity, or understanding either. Realize instead that once you awaken into consciousness, you just know what each next best thing is. You become intuitive, filled with the strength to live a wordless directive automatically downloaded into your psyche from your Creator, the Master Programmer. 

Subsequently, you become healthy and wholesome in both body and mind. You heal physically and mentally. 

One cannot willfully change the world, not in safety and still remain humble. But once you change, transforming from within, you affect the environment. The world becomes changed automatically, sans the injection of any will that may reside in you. Instead, it is God’s will through you. And you become both a projector and projection of the Creator. Now, His will is done, on earth as it is in heaven. 

From this dimension of existence, you bring true love, conveying the power to help others, educating and changing the world by example and by your fruits. You will have returned to your Father.

Do this, live this, and one day you will drop to your knees, weeping in joyful gratitude for having been shown what I just told you.

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  1. Brad Mikon on December 26, 2020 at 10:22 pm

    This is a good article.

  2. Anonymous on March 15, 2021 at 10:50 am


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