We Have All Failed

Every one of us has failed. We have all fallen. Each of us has experienced the struggle with impatience toward an imperfect world we did not create. And so we’ve felt nervousness and anxiety—we’ve gotten annoyed and then intolerant toward others who have “trespassed against us.”

And in that moment of upset we become overwhelmed by emotion . . . controlled by those who got under our skin. Because in that upset state, anyone that’s gotten a rise out of us will control us. They don’t even have to know that they’re doing it and often will not. 

But Something operating inside them damned well does. No one can spend a lifetime this way and expect to live well or long.

It could be the teasing girl tendering approval and desire, or the cruel teacher shaming and embarrassing a slow-learner. Every unfair employer and crooked politician exploits the power they hold to upset others, turning employees into pawns, slaves to Something they do not even realize has gotten inside them. 

Even just the projection of energetic force packed into resentment will tempt the challenge of struggle. But it is a futile test—and also exhausting. In giving up our energies to struggle, we donate life-force to those who cause the upset in the first place. Something Wicked inside them gorges on the unwitting offering.

Eventually we become depleted and enslaved to our tormentors, compelled to either hate them or else gush with phony love. It isn’t really love. It is a sick need for their approval.

Unless a person becomes free of emotion, developing the resilient shielding of conscious awareness, then the exploding dirty bombs of hatred will burn them alive and they’ll never cease to be ruled by their personal tyrants.

Who are yours? . . . Do you have any of those in your life?

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  1. Leonard B Tessier on May 4, 2021 at 9:34 pm

    We squander away the hours that might have been worthwhile.

    • Dan Schwarzhoff on May 18, 2021 at 3:56 pm

      It’s true. Every minute alive is precious. To ponder the injustices or the ‘sins’ of others brings us into the imagination f- a past and future that does not exist. We miss ‘now’ — the only real moments there are. Soon we find that an entire life has passed us by. Thanks

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