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What John Left Out About Love

John Lennon once wrote in song that all we need is love, and that through love we can learn how to be who we really are and realize where we belong in the universe. He was correct on all three counts. But there’s one essential piece to this perennial rock hymn John left out—there is a prerequisite to love.

Realizing our true identity and the place each of us has in the order of creation requires we first come to consciousness. Without that, we’ll never know what love is nor will we experience it. Consciousness clears the way for love to enter and fill us.

Once it does, all heaven breaks loose in our lives. We become conduits for goodwill and grace. Our life’s path changes course, altering the nature and quality of the journey in unimaginable ways. Rather than struggling to create happiness and bliss, as it turns out all we need is to awaken.

Then we know true serenity and peace. We discover success in life.

Either we dedicate our existence to living within the realm of consciousness, becoming prodigious winners, or we don’t. Unless we do, we’ll remain unconscious subjects of fate, fraught with mediocrity and dissatisfaction. Then, the world cannot possibly benefit from our best.

No matter how hard we try, we’ll never experience the creativity or high energy essential to working hard, naturally and humbly toward a successful life. Nervous energy will run us ragged, into an early grave.

In committing to consciousness, we move beyond thinking and wishing or praying for success and happiness. Instead, we begin to effortlessly experience the security we once chased.

First, we discover within us a courageous energy to make the single epic choice that every human being must face in this lifetime. Then, in choosing correctly, success becomes instantaneous.

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